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Monday, October 3, 2011

Falling Off The Wagon

This is not the meal of champions! Buuut, lately it's all I'm craving. Yum,yum! Although, when one is training for their first little 5k, they should be eating better, I don't like to rock the boat too much, ha ha! Not a brownie specifically, just anything sweet and if it's chocolate it's better.  I had to add the picture of the chocolate brownie with caramel frosting I ate. It's was way to moist and fla-va-full! The caramel frosting was mmm, mmm, good! Are you wondering if I could ramble on about for another paragraph or so...well yes, quite frankly I could. But I won't.   I have a bunch of fall dessert recipes I want to try these upcoming weeks. I think the first will have to be some pumpkin butter biscuits that a friend of mine made, I tried them and they were gooood. The next one I 'm going to make is a pumpkin muffin using yellow cake mix and canned pumpkin. You don't even need to add the eggs and oil-we shall see.  I'll post those later.

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